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[A certan half-fairy is lurking about, apparently doing his best to avoid ... someone.]
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Once there was a fairy prince, who was so frustrated with the state of his monarchy that he decided to run to the human world to produce a human heir to the throne. He happily stayed with the human woman for a few months, expecting it to be years until he found. But when he was found by his best friend and long time crush, he forgot entirely about the woman he met, and the son he left with her. He did tell remember to tell her, though, that he was a fairy prince, and to tell the child who his father was when he was old enough to understand.

But for all intents and purposes, they were abandoned.

Minjun grew up poor, and mercilessly bullied for being visibly poorer than everyone else at school. And no matter what, his mother wouldn't tell him he was half fairy directly, instead opting for weird obtuse hints that Minjun never really understood.

There was also the issue that he'd randomly give people small electric shocks without meaning to.

Minjun still grew up a mama's boy, fiercely wanting to protect her and take care of her above all else. He decided to major in electrical engineering in college, after working himself to the bone in high school.

Minjun is desperate to make himself over in college, however, so he turns to stealing test answers and doing other people's homework for money. He does this so he can remake his wardrobe and come off more affluent than he actually is.

With all that stress, he ends up relieving some of it by engaging in a perhaps unhealthy amount of casual sex, earning him something of an unsavory reputation on campus.

Minjun couldn't care less, though. All he wants to do is take care of himself and his mother.


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